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My holistic therapy business is based in Holt, North Norfolk.

I'm Sarah, a Usui Reiki, aromatherapy, crystal, sound & aura healing practitioner & holistic facialist.

Come along to my relaxing, tranquil treatment room, filled with plants, crystals & aromatherapy scents diffusing through the air, for a deeply calming experience.

Lying on my super comfy treatment couch, with your head rested and your body relaxed on a cosy heated blanket. You are embraced by a soft weighted quilt for an hour or so of deep relaxation & holistic healing.

In our complex lives, we are often forced to rush around, and compromise our own holistic health.

Whilst each of us have our own individual journey, we all go through a multitude of experiences.

These affect our body, mind & spirit.

Some make us happy or sad, whilst others make us stressed or mad, or even worse feeling bad. 

We may experience heart break, and grief when we lose those we love. 

We may suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, psychosis, ADHD, autism, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, to name just a few.

We may have a chronic disease or receiving cancer treatment, for example.

Or more simply, you may feel like you're not following your true life path. 

All of these matters will affect our meridians, chakras & aura, as well as the rate at which our cells vibrate ~ thus affecting our overall holistic health.

Thats where holistic healing comes in. 

I offer a holistic healing treatment combining Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy & sound therapy.

I offer group healing once a month

11:30 a.m ~ 2:30 p.m.on a Friday~ outside in summer, inside in winter.

I will be offering an evening group healing once a month very soon~please click the contact to book button for further details if you are interested in coming along. 

I also offer luxury holistic facials using high quality, organic, alcohol free brands.

Read more about the treatments I have on offer below, and if you fancy booking yourself or someone special a treatment or want to find out more, just pop me an email by clicking the contact to book button below.

I look forward to sharing my holistic journey with you.

Monday ~ Friday appointments available.

11:00 a.m & 1:00 p.m.

( Term time only ) 

Please allow an hour and a half for your appointment.

( If you would like me to attend your event with my sound healing instruments, please pop across the details via the contact to book button.)

Gift vouchers can be purchased & personalised & provided via email or printed for you to gift.



Combined Reiki, Crystal, Sound & Aromatherapy healing.

Enjoy a warming cup of cacao before treatment to open the heart chakra.

A big hug in a mug.

Relax on my super cosy treatment couch with a weighted blanket and organic lavender eye pillow, surrounded by moon charged crystals, whilst tailored aromatherapy scents are diffusing through the air throughout treatment.

I will take you through a guided restful meditation, before scanning the body to detect which chakras & meridians are in need of rebalancing & healing.  

I will place chakra crystals on your seven chakras before playing my Tibetan singing bowl, Tingsha cymbal & koshi chimes.

I will then give you gentle hands on healing.

I will play my seven crystal quartz singing bowls to rebalance your seven chakras and bring your cells back vibrating at a healthy level ~ What I like to call the happy, healing dance.

I will play my Wah `wah's & heal your auric field before finishing playing my ocean & shaman drum before gently bringing you back with a gentle, awakening meditation.

We finish the session with a chat and a cup of homemade herbal tea of your choice with honey

 ( or agave syrup if you're vegan ) or your choice of rose or lemon infused mineral water to rehydrate following your healing therapy.

You will come away from treatment feeling relaxed, focused, vibrant and filled with new uplifting, positive energy.


Children under 16 receive healing therapy for half price.

Add LED light therapy to your healing for an additional £30.

( Crystal prescriptions are available for you to keep for an additional £20 )



Get in touch via the Contact to book button.



Relax under a weighted blanket surrounded by moon charged crystals, listening to healing music whilst tailored aromatherapy scents are diffusing through the air throughout treatment.

Enjoy an organic, aromatherapy facial using 100 % natural, eco friendly products, free from alcohol & preservatives, tailored specifically for your skin type, following a skin analysis prior to your treatment or choose your own from the list below.

1. Enjoy a deep double cleanse with Calendula & Lemon Cleansing Balm or cleansing milk & a gentle, clarifying foaming cleanser.

2. An exfoliating Mask of your choice with heated hand mitts.

Choose from ~

Floral Coffee blend, 

Citrus coffee blend,

Honey & orange,

Bamboo & orange peel &

Rose quartz.

Whilst you relax under a tailored aromatherapy steam, and enjoy your choice of a shoulder, arm & hand massage or head massage, if you wish.

3. A calming, refreshing tone with Rose Quartz infused Rose Water.

4.. A Clay Face Mask of your choice.

Choose from ~

Green Clay & Green Tea,

Pink clay & Rose Petal or

Orange & Turmeric.

or Rose or Mango Fruit enzyme mask.

5. A cooling jelly mask or Hydrating sheet mask of your choosing with an aloe vera lip & eye mask.

Jelly Masks ~ 



Green Tea,


Hyaluronic acid,

24 k Gold &


Sheet Masks ~ 




Vitamin C, 



Lavender, &

Almond milk.

Enjoy with an ice globe massage.

6. A calming, relaxing Amethyst & Lavender tone.

7. Enjoy a tailored aromatherapy hot towel with a collagen lip & eye mask whilst you enjoy a peaceful chakra meditation, if you wish.

8. A relaxing Aromatherapy lymphatic drainage massage under a steam, on your face, neck & shoulders incorporating the use of precious stone massage tools & Kansa wand using an organic aromatherapy crystal & botanical face oil.

9. Finally, enjoy a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum, SPF, a spritz of rose quartz rose water face mist & a peppermint lip oil to glaze & plump the lips.

We finish the treatment with a cup of freshly made herbal tea of your choice with honey ( or Agave syrup, if you're vegan.) or a glass of lemon or rose infused mineral water, to rehydrate before you leave, if you wish. 

You will come away from treatment feeling relaxed & renewed, with healthy, glowing, sculpted skin.

*New products added to the menu regularly, to choose from.

Each facial is completely bespoke, especially for you. 

£ 65

( A tailored 20 ml crystal & botanical face oil is available for you to take home for an additional £30 )

Why not add a luxury treatment to your facial ~ 

~ Reiki & Crystal healing ~ 


~ Micro~current exfoliation & Facial sculpting

 £30 ~ 20 minutes.

~ LED Light Therapy 

£30 ~20 Minutes.

~ Rose Quartz Face Mask 

£11 ~ 15 Minutes.

*Microdermabrasion coming in September. 

I look forward to welcoming you to my holistic healing room

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In the Spring 2023 issue of North Norfolk Living Magazine.

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Phone or txt ~ 07809233966
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