Here at Duchy Designs Home Spa we only use biodegradable vegetable soy wax beads for our candles and wax melts. 

Soy wax is environmentally friendly, non toxic and clean burning unlike paraffin wax ( which shockingly contains petroleum )

 used by many well known larger candle companies.

It is non carcinogenic, contains no pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified materials.

Soy wax burns clean at a slower rate meaning that your candle will last longer, diffusing the natural aromatherapy scents naturally through the air.

We only use natural cotton wicks~ free from paraffin.

Eco wicks burn at a slower rate.

We use only the best eco micas which are truly mesmerising to watch burning.

Please do not keep your candle burning for more than 4 hours at a time, and of course never leave your candle unattended.

Enjoy your candle knowing that it is 100 % eco friendly!