Crystal & Botanical Infused Aromatherapy Rollers

Crystal & Botanical Infused Aromatherapy Rollers

* As featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine Hot Buys September 2021 & North Norfolk Living Summer Gift Guide.


Aromatherapy Perfume Rollers to match our Collection.


Sweet almond oil blended with aromatherapy oils, infused with charged precious stones and botanicals to match presented in a frosted glass bottle with Bamboo lid, an an eco cotton bag ~ 


( Please let us know if you'd prefer another oil, rather than Sweet Almond Oil )


Relaxing ~ Lavender and lemon with lavender petals and charged Amethyst.


Uplifting ~ Orange and Grapefruit with orange peel and charged Citrine.


Grounding ~ Frankincense and Myrrh with myosotis and charged Tourmaline.


Self ~ Love ~ Rose and Ylang Ylang with rose petals & charged Rose Quartz.


Choose the one you are drawn to. 


(10 ml )