Make Your Own Face Mask Kit

Make Your Own Face Mask Kit

A Make Your Own Face Mask Kit ~ 


* As Featured In The Spring Edition Of North Norfolk Living Magazine 2021.


Including ~


Your choice of Face Mask ~ 


50 ml Rose Petal & Pink Clay Face Mask Powder


( Pink Clay improves the skins elasticity and encourages the renewal of cells, resulting in a younger looking, supple, glowing complexion.

Pink clay is a gentle exfoliater whch will leave your skin super soft and radiant.

With the addition of organic rose petals, rich in vitamin C, which will retain your skins natural moisture, leaving your skin super soft and silky.)




50 ml Matcha Green Tea & Green Clay Face Mask Powder


( Green Clay is a fantastic exfoliant, drawing out all the dirt and impurities from your pores whilst shrinking them. 

Heals blemishes & acne whilst stimulating circulation ~ toning and firming the skin.

Green Clay even soothes cuts, grazes & sore muscles !

Whilst Matcha Green Tea clears clogged pores, reduces redness and puffiness on the skin, is anti ageing ~ reducing fine lines and wrinkles and even protects your skin from the sun! )


50 ml Rose Quartz infused Rose Water 


( Rose Water ~ A natural cleanser & toner, super gentle on the skin, infused with charged Rose Quartz which will improve the elasticity of your skin, giving your complexion a luminous glow penetrating the deep derma layers of your skin ) 


An Eco Coconut bowl 


An Eco Wooden Spoon & 


An Eco Face Mask Brush & written instructions & tips for use.


Directions ~


Using your wooden spoon, add 2 spoonfuls of face mask powder to your coconut bowl, poor a little of the rose water & stir until you reach a consistancy you can paint onto your face.


Using your Face Mask Brush ~  Apply to clean, dry skin, relax for 15 minutes and then wash off with luke warm water and pat your face dry with a warm fluffy towel. 


Turn your weekly facial into a Self ~ Love Ritual.

Add your powder & water, set your intentions, stir and paint.


Up to 10 applications.


*TIP (When you run out of rose water you could infuse rose petals into filtered water over night infront of the light of the moon and make your own )


Video kindly made by @triedandtestedpr IG