Massage Oil & Jade Roller Gift Box

Massage Oil & Jade Roller Gift Box

A luxurious, romantic, non greasy massage oil. 

Ideal for face & body. 


Made with a carefully selected blend of oils, which will glide effortlessly onto the skin, whilst deeply moisturising. 


Infused with Romantic Scents of Ylang Ylang &  Clary Sage essential oils and charged Rose Quartz crystals.

( 200 ML ) 


Presented with a Charged Jade Massage Roller, which can be used on face or body to assist your massage. 


Jade is a grounding stone, & has healing properties, it is known as the 'lucky' stone. 


The gentle pressure from the Jade roller will stimulate circulation leaving muscles relaxed, encouraging lymphatic drainage which boosts the natural detoxification process, drawing toxins away, & gently tones your skin.


Give yourself a luxurious facial, or enjoy a relaxing, romantic body or foot massage.