T~Tree & Peppermint Face Serum

T~Tree & Peppermint Face Serum

Our aromatherapy facial serum is ideal for Oily, combination, dry, mature & sensitive skin's.


Perfect for combatting acne, scarring, fine lines & wrinkles, whilst stimulating blood circulation & rejuvenating new skin cells for a youthful glow.


Oozing with rosehip, jojoba oil & vitamins C & E.

Infusing our blend with dried organic mint leaves and moon charged Rose Quartz precious stones to promote self love & healing.


You can apply the serum morning and night, as part of your usual daily skincare routine after cleansing & toning applying to the skin in upward, circular motions.


We recommend using your Gua Sha, Crystal mushrooms or roller with our oil serum. 


( 10 ml )