Sage, Palo Santo & Botanical Wand & Scallop Shell Gift Set

Sage, Palo Santo & Botanical Wand & Scallop Shell Gift Set

*As featured in the July isssue of Soul & Spirit Magazine


A hand tied Sage wand with palo santo, lavender and Rose to cleanse & protect your space & crystals.


Comes with a scallop shell to aid you with your cleansing.




Remove the Lavender and Rose and pop it onto the shell.

( The lavender symbolises peace and the rose symbolises love )


Open the window of the room you're smudging in

( It's important to let all the negative energies out )


Gently light your sage and palo santo.

( Sage rids the air of all negativity & energies whilst palo santo puts positivity in abundance into the air, and invites it into your space and life. )


Hold your shell underneath to catch any falling debris.


Say out loud your intentions.


Gently blow on your wand so it is gently singeing smoke.


Use the smoke from your wand to walk around your house, space & cleanse your crystals & tarot decks.


You could say out loud


" I cleanse this space / crystal of all negativity & put love and abundance in its place "


We recommend Smudging when you move home & regularly on a New Moon, Full Moon and when you get new crystals.