T-Tree & Lemon Bentonite Clay Face-Mask

T-Tree & Lemon Bentonite Clay Face-Mask

Pure Bentonite clay with rose water, jojoba oil and vitamin e, infused with t-tree and lemon essential oils. 


This face mask is cleansing, toning and moisturising all in one.

Perfect for reducing and eliminiating acne, scars, sun spots and wrinkles.


Bentonite clay is antibacterial & anti inflammatory which makes it great to deeply cleanse your skin deep down in your pores, removing dirt and excess sebum from your skin.

A perfect mask to soothe and heal acne aswell as dry skin conditions.


Apply onto clean, dry skin with your finger tips, relax for 15 minutes, then wash off with luke warm water and pat your face dry with a warm fluffy towel.


(50 ml)