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Well~being Crystals.

Well~being Crystals.

A bag of crystals with botanicals to match for your well~being, to carry and keep with you in a cute little cotton bag.


Ideal for meditation and periods of reflection.


You can use the healing power of crystals for a multitude of ailments.

All our crystals are cleansed traditionally with our sage, palo santo & botanical wand  and charged in a selenite bowl under the light of the recent full moon. 


Rose Quartz ~ 


Rose Quartz is the stone of universal & unconditional love.

It restores trust and harmony in relationships.

It purifies and opens up the heart & mind on all levels to promote self~love, love, friendship, inner peace & deep inner healing.


Amethyst ~


Amethyst is incredibly protective, purifying and healing.

It can help clear the mind of negative thoughts and energies, bringing forth humility, sincereity, and spiritual wisdom.

It relieves grief, sadness, stress, anxiety, anger and helps to balance mood swings.

Soothing irritability and dissolving negativity.

Activates spiritual awareness and psychic abilities.

It is also said to promote sobriety.


Citrine ~ 


Citrine imparts joy, wonder, happiness and enthusiasm.

It raises ones self esteem and self confidence.

Stimulating the brain, thus strengthening ones intellect.

Citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self expresssion.

Attracting wealth, success and prosperity. 




Tourmaline protects against negative energy.

Including psychic protection and EMF Protection. 

It is an incrdedibly spiritually grounding stone. 

It reduces anxiety and stress.

It is also great for cleansing your aura and grounding your energies to the earth.


Comes with  information cards.

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