Yoni Potion

Yoni Potion

Yoni ~ a sanskrit word ~ meaning womb


Yoni ~ The sacred symbol of female creative power, coming from ancient India and the great goddess.


Y~ The animating principal , the heart, true self within

O~ Preservation, brightness

N~ Lotus, nakedness, motherhood, menstrual cycle, emptiness, pearl 

I ~ Love, desire, consciousness, to shine, to pervade pain & sorrow.


Yoni ( vaginal ) steaming is great for all round womb & vaginal health maintaining a healthy PH level and has a multitude of benefits as follows~ 


~ Menstrual cramps

~ Post Natal

~ Menopause

~ Vaginal infections 

~ Hormone imbalances

~Digestive issues

~ Pain 

~ Fatigue 


~ Stress & anxiety 

~ Migraines & headaches 


Our special blend of yoni herbs and flowers include a bottom layer of Pink Himalayan Salt & a top layer of charged Rose quartz to purify the blend with unconditional love.


If you prefer not to steam, you could always take a soak in a yoni bath.


( 200 ml )